We’re not as divided as we think we are… but our media diets are programming us to be.

Time and time again we return to news outlets that possess what I like to call “narrow apertures.” They deliver information that keeps us coming back for more sensationalism and vitriol, not…

To start this year, I’ll play back an interaction I had with my son last weekend.

  • My son: Dad, what’s green and has wheels?
  • Me: I don’t know. What’s green and has wheels?
  • My son: Grass…I lied about the wheels.

This simple riddle got me thinking, as it can easily…

As 2022 marches towards us, I’m drinking more coffee to get through the shorter hours of sun and somehow a longer list of to-dos to close out the year. It’s easy to indulge in something sugary, like the quick burst from the peppermint bark your neighbor brought over, or the…

I hope each of you had a safe, relaxing holiday weekend, complete with good food, and friction-free table conversations about something other than politics. It’s good to be back in your inbox.

Our habits were upended throughout the pandemic. Just as we look differently at public door handles, Ubers, and…

Leigh Fatzinger

Founder/CEO of Turbine Labs. I write about information access, overload, and bias, as well as our AI-powered software. (turbinelabs.com / @turbinelabs)

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