Over or Under?

Leigh Fatzinger
3 min readDec 15, 2021

Are you getting over seven hours of sleep a night? Or under that? While many of us are saving precious sleeping time by avoiding a commute to the office, our bodies have become more overstimulated and under-rested over the last two years — with zoom calls, emails, and pings that require an immediate response all hours of the day.

I’ve said it before: “no blue lights in bed.” Is that working out for you? (It does for me about 80% of the time.) But for the majority of us, it doesn’t. The average adult requires seven hours of sleep per night. However, only 1 in 3 adults are getting the recommended amount — and screen time is playing a large factor in sleep loss.

  • Why don’t you sleep on it? Which famous napper touted, “You get two days in one — well, at least one and a half”? (answer below)

Not only is the blue light a culprit for missing zzz’s, but so is the information you see scrolling through your phone, tablet, tv, or even laptop.

If you’re sleeping less than you were during the office days, you’re not alone. The swell of pandemic-related information kept people up at night — 73% of us. Information overload leads to a cycle of overwhelm, less sleep, and more overwhelm. With less sleep, your filter for weeding out the best information goes down and your worries may go up.

What’s my current remedy? Still no blue lights in bed. But after that…counting cows. But more on that next time.

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