My 10 Tips for Election Day

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

1.) VOTE!

2.) Download The Neutral’s iPhone or Android app (it’s free!) for objective, unbiased coverage throughout the night.

3.) Read The Neutral’s Guide to Election Week.

4.) Call someone you don’t see eye to eye with on political issues and tell them we will get though this…together, as fellow Americans. Seriously — make a call.

5.) Prepare your mind for the results to go either way.

6.) Get a good workout in today before settling in for the results.

7.) Stock up on ice, lots of your drink of choice, and plenty of comfort food. Today is not the day to be on your meal plan.

8.) Don’t lock into one channel! Use commercial breaks to get out of your echo chamber and switch to another network. No more than 30 minutes per station. And don’t forget PBS, C-SPAN, BBC, and your local news outlets.

9.) Take deep breaths.

10.) Be safe and be well.