It’s time to reinvent how thought leadership is delivered.

Leigh Fatzinger
3 min readSep 20, 2021


Earlier in the year, executives (including your truly) optimistically referred to our current business cycle as “post-pandemic.” Nine months later, I now find myself describing this year as “the amorphous pandemic rock, skipping on the pond of our collective anxiety and impatience.” I know. It doesn’t have the same ring.

Instinctively, we know we need to absorb a certain amount of pandemic-related information each day. Just enough to keep our organizations, communities, and families safe. Anything more than the essential is like molasses — it sticks to everything it comes into contact with — and ultimately slows us down.

The pressure buildup over the last 18 months has put us on the cusp of what I’m calling the coming “Great Idea Exchange.” Highly compelling thought leadership content created by executives and leaders like you. This is what we need to help the public get “unstuck” from the information overload and fatigue from which we’ve suffered.

Your target audiences are craving something else to spark creativity and solve problems. They are seeking vision from leaders who are standing up and defining what our future looks like. But until now, creating and distributing thought leadership that breaks free from the noise has been next to impossible.

Turbine Labs has the answer. On Wednesday, September 15, after months of research, design, and testing, we will be launching the market’s first Thought Leadership Enhancement Software. This new service uses advanced AI and machine learning to augment and reinforce the pent-up ideas and breakthroughs you and your team have been working on for the last year. In testing with early customers, we’re improving visibility and engagement of thought leadership content by a staggering 4–10 times what’s currently being achieved on email, blogs and social platforms.

  • Well Read: According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, how many hours per week does the average executive spend consuming thought leadership content? (answer below)

As a subscriber of Views from the Control Tower, you can receive an early preview of this powerful new service, as well as special introductory pricing, if you decide to subscribe. Just click this link to schedule a free demo. I cannot wait for you to experience what we’ve built.

Needle in a Haystack / Source: Office Guy Cartoons


The roots of thought leadership start with sitting down with a blank page or screen — and being creative. It’s time to make time for that kind of activity. “When optimization and efficiency are the only game in town, when we’re not allowed to digress, to deviate, to create our own path, to waste time, then we won’t be creative, we won’t be innovative, we won’t be imaginative.” Fantastic piece. The Three False Idols of Business: Productivity, Efficiency, Mobility — Journal of Beautiful Business — September 13, 2021

  • The loneliest number: According to recent research, how many close friends or confidants does the average American have? (answer below)

Solid guidance. “We’re all guilty of sacrificing relational investment for the current fire we need to put out. But if we invested better in our relationships, could some of these fires have been prevented?” How To Build Business Relationships That Last — CEO Today Magazine — September 3, 2021


Morality + accountability = good management and good employees. “People, as a rule, want to achieve fair outcomes. But whether they implement them often depends on how accountable they are.” We All Want to Be Good — Then Life Happens — Instead Knowledge — September 13, 2021


  • According to a LinkedIn/Edelman study of 1,200 executive-level respondents, 58% consume 1–3 hours of thought leadership content every week. ( LinkedIn)
  • According to a study conducted by Duke University and the University of Arizona, the average American has but one close confidant. ( Insider)

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