Fishing for the truth.

Over the weekend, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was in Dan Bailey’s fly fishing shop in Livingston, Montana, undoubtedly looking for the perfect spruce moth or trico with which to land a story-worthy rainbow trout in one of the state’s glistening rivers. According to NBC News, an individual walked into the store and berated the prime-time cable ratings leader, calling him the “worst human being known to man.”


I thought it was just my kids, but as I asked around, it was clear everyone felt the same: 2020 (and some of 2021?) was a lost year for education at all levels. One stat: 70% of teens reported communicating less frequently with teachers since the start of the pandemic. Returning to normalcy is going to be a process of transition — starting with early preparation and consistency. Pandemic has teens feeling worried, unmotivated and disconnected from school — Qrius — July 24, 2021


A controversial but important perspective from science writer John Tierny on what he calls the “crisis crisis” amplified during the pandemic. “It’s a longstanding problem — humanity was supposedly doomed in the last century by the “population crisis” and the “energy crisis” — that has dramatically worsened with the cable and digital competition for ratings, clicks, and retweets.” The Panic Pandemic — City Journal — Summer, 2021


Executives are recognizing the importance of re-establishing connections and re-nurturing their networks, impacted as a result of our inability to meet, travel, or connect in-person during the pandemic. A rapidly growing use case for Turbine Labs customers is the “Thought Leadership Digest,” a weekly or monthly letter from an executive, which is then processed through our AI-powered platform to find compelling news and commentary validating the though-leadership piece. Sign up for a demo from one of our Blades to see how it works in action.


  • Sean Hannity is reportedly the highest paid cable TV personality, earning an annual salary of $40 million. (TheStreet)
  • Florida had the lowest age-adjusted mortality rate from Covid-19, with 136 deaths per 100,000 residents. New York had the highest, with 267 per 100,000. (CDC)

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