Can a workaholic information junkie be rehabilitated?

My apologies for the absence of this briefing last week. I took some much-needed time away from the office to visit a family member in hospice. At the same time, we were able to visit other family members I haven’t seen in person since the pandemic began. The rest of the Turbine Labs team made sure I was able to silence my devices, detach from email, and focus on what’s really important.

The next decade is going to change the way we work. The Great Resignation around us is showing, among other things, that people want boundaries, support for mental health, and to be their full selves at work. When the brain is overwhelmed with information, it has been shown to make poorer, gut-based decisions, rather than drawing informed, fact-based conclusions. Companies will need to find a way to package critical information into a digestible format, or risk burning out valuable employees.

  • High cost of living? AppaRENTly not: Rent prices in NYC apartments dropped by what percent on average at the height of the pandemic? (answer below)

According to IPX, nearly 48% of employees didn’t touch their P​​TO in 2020. The closing of most office spaces had a majority of Americans already in a constant state of staycation. Pair that with heavy travel restrictions and the pandemic (and subsequent delta variant), I can’t really blame them.

However, as the end of the year draws near, organizations are struggling with the financial implications of unused PTO. Companies are innovating to keep employees well, engaged, and showing up to work.

  • Ready for Takeoff? In January, What percentage of Americans thought they’d be able to travel in 2021? (answer below)
Tuning out the noise: At the annual conference, Apple previewed their latest software, MacOS Monterey, with increased controls to filter out notifications. “MacOS Monterey is now available.” / Source: Apple Newsroom


Hi, I’m Leigh Fatzinger, and I’m a workaholic. I’m as guilty as the next of sending emails during hours of the night that can only be described as “ungodly”. That’s why the title of this article caught my attention. After experiencing a brief stint of “disconnectedness” from my work this past week, I noticed the immediate feeling of guilt I encountered from being away from my desk. However, I’m challenging myself to take steps (even microscopically small ones) towards becoming more of a wellaholic. I invite you to join me. From Workaholic To Wellaholic: The New Way To Become More Efficient And Productive — Forbes — October 26, 2021

In the absence of solid information, the mind starts grappling for control in any way it knows how. Sound familiar? (ahem, 2020). As the world continues to revolve, we’re all trying to slow down and be kind to ourselves. 6 ways to deal with an anxious brain — Fast Company — October 18, 2021


You’ve heard the rumors — where Facebook is considering changing its name. But the story really shows the evolution of journalism, and rivals turned co-workers to cover massive and global stories. The massive Facebook leak shows how investigative journalism is changing — The Washington Post — October 26, 2021


  • Manhattan rent prices dropped a whopping 15.5% in 2020, the largest year-over-year drop ever recorded. (Bloomberg)
  • Less than half of those surveyed in January of 2021 felt optimistic about traveling in the coming year. However, now optimism is hovering around 85%. (IPX)

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